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The Tschabitscher is a time-out farm, a place where the soul can relax and life can be enjoyed to the fullest. Mindfulness and resilience characterize our actions. The farm is located on a special place of power and is a healing retreat.

... where green care is more


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Promoting health through nature

  • Time out directly on the farm

  • Accompanied by Gabi

Nature itself promotes the process of recovery and the restoration of health. It embraces us with its life-giving power and offers a healing retreat at the Tschabitscherhof, which is essential for our well-being. 


Gabi, the owner of the farm, offers animal-assisted therapies and helps people to strengthen their own resilience and learn mindfulness.

Hasen Baby 1.jpg


Where children can be children

  • Children's entertainment of a special kind

  • Birthday parties

Where children can be children, that is where they want to be. They want to celebrate their birthdays there and experience a special kind of children's entertainment.

We teach the children how to interact with our animals in a very natural way through play. The extra portion of love in the form of caresses or a big kiss from the animals is also a must.

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